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4 Softwares To Make The Entrepreneur’s Life Easier

Technology by Marcia Stipanich.

I’d like to do my opening article, suggesting a list of software that makes the entrepreneur’s life easier. 

Starting a business is way easier in 2020. Why? All the techs are here to support you, and they are practically free. You will be able to get efficiency, traceability, and a wider view with the use of tools. If you are looking forward to starting with the right foot, follow the list below, and I am sure you won’t regret. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Hubspot


We have no doubt the core of your business is to maintain and grow your customer base. Hubspot helps you to create profiles, a pipeline for your relationship, and track all the interactions you have with a customer (calls, e-mails, meetings in person, etc). Even better, it is extremely easy to use. You will able to drag and drop deals moving along the pipeline and easily having access to any info through mobile app as well. From this software, you are able to group by companies and track your tasks along the time. Example: while sending an e-mail, you are able to check to followup with this customer in X amount of days, and this goes automatically to your task list. Price? Free! 


Archive/Data: Google Drive


Sounds obvious using Google. But if you deep dive into the Google Drive, you will be able to find an entire “Microsoft Office” replacement for a smaller scale with no license needed, and more then that; you are able to edit files live with other people, while has a history of that document for as long as you need. It is free up to 15GB of data, but when it reaches the limit, the costs for archiving are whimsy (less than $2), and totally worth it! 



Social media suggestions 

Watermark app: iWatermark – Watermark Photos


To be able to carry your visual identity, whatever you go, you should be watermarking photos. My suggestion goes to iWatermark. It is easily manageable to add watermarks or visual identity to any kind/shape of the picture. They do have a lite version, but I recommend buying for only $6.99 and get the benefit of easily use for any communication. 




To track your followers: Followers pro + for Instagram (by Social Hule LLC) 


Despite saying it is for Instagram, you can also connect Facebook and Twitter accounts.

They are awesome analytics to track your social media. Able to provide a profile of those who are unfollowing, quantities, engagement, audience, which are not following back, who you are not following back, the users who interact more, less, etc.

Currently, there is a free version, but the paid is about only $20 per year, which works really nice to measure the interaction with your audience.

Managing a business is a lot of work, and the tools will give you a couple of steps forward. Provide some feedback if you want to see tools for communications and meetings, dashboard/ task organization, scanning documents, e-mails, website development, etc.

I hope it helped. Have a good start!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official view of the FCBB.

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