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By Grazielle Benedetti Santos

If you have been living in Canada for some time, you have certainly noticed that it is very typical for Canadians to value local production. That is why whenever something is produced in Canada; they identify it very visibly on the packaging. This often makes more people opt for this product, regardless of price.

Besides food, Canadian furniture is also highly valued. Stores always make a point of showing that their furniture uses Canadian wood and is made in Canada. They are usually much more expensive than furniture that comes from Asia, however, they are synonymous with quality and provenance. The fact the production generates jobs in the country is also celebrated by Canadian consumers. 

In this scenario, you must be asking yourself why then bring to Canada Brazilian products?

There are Brazilian products that you will not replace with similar ones here in Canada. I believe this is the premise for many entrepreneurs who decided to make possible access to incredible Brazilian brands. As a result, we can have those products that we loved in Brazil here in our Canadian home and still conquer the Canadian public with our favourite products. 

There are many categories of Brazilian articles available in the Canadian market; I listed below the three most recent and innovative ones: 

  • Wines and sparkling wines – The wine market in recent years has been showing a significant rise. Due to its natural characteristics such as soil and climate, Brazil has produced excellent quality beverages that stand out in the international market as the wines and sparkling wines of the new world. 
  • Fruit juices – Many Brazilian fruit juices you can find here, especially those produced with tropical fruits. However, the grape juices made in Brazil are worth mentioning. Very common here are the concentrated Concord grape juices almost all with added sugar. With a market increasingly focused on natural products, with no added sugar or preservatives, the Brazilian juices gain advantage. They have the differential of not being concentrated, with no added sugar or preservatives. Besides, the variety of grapes used in the composition provides a juice different from what we find in the North American market that usually uses only one type of grape (Concord) to prepare their products. Moreover, today, you can find 100% Brazilian biodynamic grape juice produced by Vinícola Garibaldi in the Canadian market. Besides being organic, this juice is made following the principles of biodynamic products. The result is an incredible juice, totally new in North America. For all these characteristics, the Brazilian biodynamic juice is increasingly conquering the Canadians.
  • Brazilian furniture in all segments, from self-assembly furniture to the most luxurious furniture stands out for its durability, unquestionable quality of materials and production method. The differentiated design that gives Brazilian products such a unique characteristic attracts people worldwide, especially here in Canada. 

"The differentiated design that gives Brazilian products such a unique characteristic attracts people worldwide, especially here in Canada."

Interculturality and openness to what is different

Finally, it is worth mentioning differences in the historical formation between Brazil and Canada. Canada is a bilingual nation and a multicultural society, we could consider it a world example of interculturality, revealing its evident tendency to open to what is different. Hence the opportunity to act in the Canadian market with Brazilian companies and products, fostering long-lasting and progressive relationships.

Therefore, it is up to us to continue to skillfully deepen the mutual knowledge between the nations, from the products to the cultural complexity, bringing the two sides closer will show the enormous potential to be explored. 

Grazielle Benedetti, Partner-Director at BS Canada Import, an international company focused on importing, distributing, representing, marketing, and merchandising Brazilian products and brands in Canada. In Brazil, she worked as a lawyer and, taking advantage of her professional experience, helps Brazilian companies to insert their products into the Canadian market.