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When we talk about an organization, the main thing for us to understand its value proposition and the culture that moves its team members is the Purpose of the organization. 

To illustrate, I would like to share with you 3 very noble purposes: 

1- Facilitate the adaptation, integration and insertion in the Canadian marketplace of many Brazilians that join the already large Brazilian community in Canada;

2- Support initiatives that aim to preserve the culture of the Brazilian community in Canada;

3- Bring Brazil and Canada closer together when it comes to bilateral trade between the two countries. 

What makes those purpose special is the fact that they are fully shared by two organizations that have just signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which I call “Cooperation Agreement”, the Consulate General of Brazil in Montreal and the Federation of Canadian-Brazilian Businesses (aka FCBB). 


FCBB is very proud of its growth over the last few years, bringing into the team volunteers, who created the infrastructure required for the institution to manage over 100 team members spread over many locations in Canada and Brazil. This infrastructure is comprised of formalized Processes (HR, Knowledge Management, Administration, Finance, Marketing, Business Development, etc), efficient Tools (IT, Communications, CRM platform, etc.), robust People Strategy (Attraction, Hiring, Onboarding, Development, Recognition, Career Growth and Placement in the Marketplace). All of this supported by a Culture of Service to the communities we support. 

This infrastructure has significantly increased the capacity of FCBB to take on and consistently perform to deliver on all the commitments made to its more than 130 partners, as well as to the various types of Customers we interact with (members or not), such as small and medium size enterprises, Start-ups and Entrepreneurs. 

FCBB developed the competence of creating and sharing high quality content with the community, based on its bilateral trade and community interests.

On the other hand, the Trade Promotion Section of the Consulate of Brazil in Montreal (Secom) has a very specific mandate, which reduces its ability to efficiently take on the job of providing the required guidance to a huge number of inquiries it receives every month. 

Signature of the Cooperation Agreement: the Consul General of Brazil in Montreal, Nedilson Jorge (left), and the President of the Federation of Canadian-Brazilian Businesses (FCBB), Sérgio Frias (right)

Having that said, the immediate benefit of the signature of this Cooperation Agreement, is to allow the Consulate to improve its offering of services related to supporting the needs of entrepreneurs that wish to develop their internationalization plans and connect with Canadian organizations to carry out the execution of such plans. The same applies to Canadians who want to do business with Brazil.

Starting on the signature of this Agreement, FCBB will take over some of the inquiries directed to the Consulate, that are in line with the scope of work agreed upon by FCBB and the Consulate, so that the overall Service Level and effectiveness of the Consulate, can experience a quantum leap. A coordinated effort between Secom and the FCBB’s Business Development team to benefit the Brazilian and Canadian entrepreneurs seeking for support.

Besides this immediate result, the agreement also covers other initiatives that include the cultural, technological and educational arenas, via the joint creation, implementation and promotion of events, content and research, aiming to promote networking, to bring awareness, to share knowledge, to foster exchange, to bring the Brazilian and Canadian societies closer together to enhance prosperity.

FCBB is proud of being chosen by the Consulate General of Brazil in Montreal as an institutional partner as this represents a stamp of quality on our ability to serve as an organization of results (for business) and of impact (for the society in general and for the Brazilian community in particular).

We, at FCBB, need to thank the Consul General of Brazil in Montreal, Ambassador Nedilson Jorge, the Counselor in charge of Secom , Renato Gurgel and the Trade Commissioner , Renata Mazeika, for the confidence and for the agility on making this cooperation come to fruition.


Sergio Frias

President & CEO



By the Consulate General of Brazil in Montreal: 

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