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Luciana Centini moved to Canada 11 years ago, supporting her husband in his dream. Like many Brazilians in their journey to move to a new country, they started from the basis, as she said, “literally from zero”. 

Six years later, after starting a nutritional re-education plan, she fell in love with the food universe and healthy cuisine. She took cooking lessons and culinary courses, pursued specialization in the area, and soon got noticed by friends.

“I had my meals prepared for my diet, and my friends around me started asking for them. I saw that as a business opportunity”.

A post on a Brazilian group was enough to catch people’s attention and receive the first orders. Soon Luciana and her husband, Andre Centini, were getting their license to run the business on an industrial scale. Go light Be fit was ready for the customers! Nowadays, besides Luciana and Andre, the company also counts with 5 staff members: a cook, 2 assistants and 2 delivery drivers.

Although the pandemic scenario left Luciana concerned about what the future was holding, it quickly showed to be another opportunity for more work and progress.

Go Light Be Fit.
Go Light Be Fit is a Brazilian company created by Luciana Centini.

“Our work tripled. I’ve never worked so much like in this one year of pandemic. With so many people working from home, the whole family in the house, long lines at the supermarkets, and the prices through the roof, it’s worth it to have the meal ready in the freezer.” 

Luciana bets on partnerships to promote Go light Be fit. Although she receives many propositions to partner up, the entrepreneur always follows the values and goals of the company, relating her brand to real-life people. 

When asked what is next for Go light Be fit, Luciana affirms: “There are many plans. Just good things. However, I like saying them only when they’re already happening.”

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