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The Beginning

We are talking about Sherwa. Sherwa is an alternative word for Sherpa, a community in Nepal
that helps Mount Everest climbers to achieve their goal. It means energy, helper and
stimulator. This name is homage to climbers, and Luiz Persechini is one of them.
Luiz is also a passionate gamer. He was a very well-established finance executive with an
international career. In July 2019, after years of working for some Brazilian companies in Brazil
and Canada, Luiz decided to make a bold move. He and his business partner André, who has a
huge background in app and game development, founded Sherwa Online.

The company has now approximately 21 employees, and some of them are freelancers in Brazil.

The App

The platform has the same purpose as the name, to help connect players in different levels, needs, and skills. Also, the company wants to build a safe environment for all of them.

The app’s success has been proven by its more than 10K followers on Instagram (@sherwaapp), and this number grows every day.

Next Steps

At this point, you noticed that being Luiz a climber, he set some ambitious goals to his company.

The short-term goals for the company are:

  • Reach the ambitious mark of 2 million downloads by the end of 2021;
  • Expand to Latin America and North America due to their importance on the game industry.
  • Open for equity crowdfunding by the end of October.

As a long-term goal Luiz intend to expand to China, a challenging market that requires more than only investment and hard work.

The future

The COVID-19 pandemic was a booster for some industries. What was supposed to happen in 4 years occurred in 6 months.

For Luiz, there is no turning back for this competitive market, with an average growth of 30% per year in mobile and approximately 10% in consoles. Gamming is not a leisure moment anymore. In his vision, the sky is the limit for this industry.

Follow @sherwaapp on Instagram and check their website sherwaonline.com.

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