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“Our role is not to sell services. We connect entrepreneurs with a vast network of trustworthy business partners that will help them on different fronts”. 

Sérgio Frias, President of FCBB



It is a known fact that society today is interdependent. Processes are intricate, linked, and often internationalized. There is no escape: we all need each other.  


The same goes for businesses. Canada, for instance, is one of the most globally integrated countries in the world when it comes to business:

· highly advanced system of communications 

· substantial investment in information technology development

· continued support of immigration programs


These efforts converge into the Start-up Visa Program, detailed by Discover Magazine in their latest article featuring FCBB. 


The Start-up Visa program promotes immigration while prioritizing job creation by leveraging entrepreneurship and innovation. To be part of the program, one has to have an innovative business idea with the potential to generate jobs in Canada and compete globally. 


Aside from having the idea, applicants must execute it. Not an easy task. That is where FCBB comes in.  Starting a business is complex in itself. To do it as an immigrant means adding the challenge of not having the necessary relationships to support business development and growth. A good network is fundamental to business success. 


FCBB specializes in curating the just-right network for businesses. 


The value of networking is not networking by itself. Its value comes from developing strategic long-term mutually beneficial relationships rather than mere transactions. 

Take advantage of the power of networking! Connect with FCBB, and we can start working together.

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