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By Miguel Mascaro in collaboration with Christiane Rigos

Round Table
For this round table, FCBB’s is bringing 4 extremely knowledgeable professionals to discuss important topics you should know before starting to think about exporting your product from Brazil to Canada.

The Panelists

Cesar Baldasso
International Business Manager at Vinicula Salton. One of the most important wineries in Brazil, established in 1910 in Bento Goncalves – Rio Grande do Sul. The winery has 3 production sites: 02 located in the state of  Rio Grande do Sul and 01 located in the state of Sao Paulo. They began exporting their products in 2005, to  Europe.

Carolina Hack
Co-Founder and CEO of GC5 – International Trade Consulting, a Toronto-based consulting company with almost 5 years in the business. 80% of the company’s projects are related to food and drinks. In 2021 CS5  started its business with the Dominican Republic and has plans to help other countries to export to Canada and vice versa.

Joanes Grazi
CEO and founder of BS Canada Import, a Montreal-based import and consulting company with almost 2 years of operations. The company also deals with export and brand representation.

Juliana de Paula
Founder and CEO of Brazilian Market, a B2C company and the first Brazilian products e-commerce in Canada.

The Canadian Market
The discussion uncovered several insights that can be helpful to exporters to Canada, including its particularities and restrictions regarding importing:

  • Laws: There are few barriers to drink and food products for instance. For dairy products a few more. Each province here has its legislation.
  • Quebec: It can be considered another  “country” within Canada. There, some differences can be noticed.
  • Regulation: The product must follow patterns towards the label, nutrition facts, language (Canada is a francophone country)
  • Insurance: If you are seeking the real market, which means, you want to sell your product in big retail chains. Insurance is an important item on your checklist, and it is not cheap.
  • The consumer: “My product is good”. This is not what they want to know or hear from you. The Canadian consumer goes beyond a nice label and packing. They are concerned about health, environment among other things. They need to know and trust the product before buying it.

Do you think you are ready?
To answer this question, click here to watch this extraordinary round table.