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The Federation of Canadian-Brazilian Businesses was born in 2009 from the desire of Brazilian and Canadian entrepreneurs to create a bridge between the two economies, helping Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) to identify business opportunities in both countries.

Over the years, we have been promoting bilateral innovation, investment and trade relations between Brazil and Canada with the support of a team of volunteers and a network of carefully selected business partners that keeps growing every day.

2009 Foundation
FCCB Founded

The Federation of Canadian-Brazilian Businesses is founded in Ottawa by Youssef Ahmad Youssef, a Brazilian-Canadian business scholar, together with four entrepreneurs, including a Parliament member, Chandra Arya. The motivation came after Youssef noticed that the existing business federations in Canada did not provide support for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs). 

2012 Toronto
FCBB moves to Toronto

Youssef moves from Ottawa to Toronto to work as a course coordinator at Humber College and offers to establish FCBB’s office at the campus, which is accepted and sponsored by the college. The Federation then moves to Toronto.

2013 Opportunities
New Partners and Volunteers
The Federation sees opportunities arising, starting with new Partners and Volunteers that would triple in the next few years.

Sergio Frias joins FCBB as CCO and is approved by the Board as CEO in October. At this time, the organization has approximately 20 volunteers.

2017 Business Development
New Business Development Director

Vinicius Morandi joins the Federation as Business Development Director, responsible for structuring the Business Development department. Moreover, he is in charge of growing FCBB's networking through new partnerships and straightening relations within the existing ones

2018 Marketing
New Marketing Director

Pedro Pina joins the Federation as Marketing Director and structures the Marketing department and team.

2019 Operations
New Operations Director

Patricia Carvalho joins the Federation as Operations and HR Director. The Federation has an exponential growth in the number of volunteers, from 20 to 90 people.

2020 Expansion
Structured and Expanding
The Business Development, Marketing, Human Resources, and Operations teams are now structured, and the Federation continues to expand its businesses.
2021 Bright Future
Goals Achieved in Record Time
All Business Development annual goals are achieved by the first half of the year.